Our roadmap here is pretty simple. This will be a small, fun stealth launch of some cool art by the Trash Clan, and other projects you’ve seen in the Terra ecosystem.

The original mint will consist of 298 total LunaBugz.

These are divided up between 250 Trash Clan Lunabugz, and 48 collab bugz. These collabs were created by some of our favorite projects and artists in the space including Poppin Puffins, Terrain, Groovy Afterlife, MutantZ, dystopAI, Pop Booty, LunaWormz, and more!

Check out the bugz breakdown here.

There’s 3 wildcards in the mint. You’ll know it if you get one. Whoever mints these will get airdropped one of Finn’s Mics, an NFT from the TerraSpaces vault, a custom 1 of 1 PFP made by the Trash Clan, and if you don’t mind getting physical items shipped to you, cool sticker pack. We have some other stuff in the works, but we can’t give away too much alpha in the roadmap.

Here’s the roadmap so far, keep in mind some of these details may change.

  • Phase 1: Mint 298 OG LunaBugz using the LunaPunks launchpad. Donate some funds to an Angel Protocol charity.
  • Phase 2: Mint 50 – 100 “Scientific Specimen” LunaBugz. You must be holding at least ONE of our LunaBugz to be eligible for this mint.
  • Phase 3: The Wildcard Phase…
Bzzzzz Bzzzzzz!

LunaBugz Created by The Trash Clan & Finn