A fun new NFT series buzzing around the Terra ecosystem.

SOLD OUT (April 21st 2022)

298 OG LunaBugz

We’re keeping it small and stealthy, just like bugs! We stealth launched an initial mint of 298 LunaBugz on the LunaPunks.io launchpad on April 19th 2022. Buzz with us in the LunaBugz Telegram to connect with other LunaBugz holders!

Good Feels and Details

LunaBugz was designed to not only be super awesome, but fairly affordable as well! During mint each bug is 69 UST. 60% goes to the artist, 10% to LunaPunks, 15% to TerraSpaces.org and 15% to an Angel Protocol charity on the marketplace.

Phase 2: Scientific Specimens

After we mint all 298 LunaBugz, we will do a special set of “Scientific Specimen” editions. Some of these will be chosen at random to receive the matching print once mint ends. You must be holding an OG LunaBug in your wallet to qualify for this mint.


LunaBugz Created by The Trash Clan & Finn